Making Prophet 21 ERP Work For You

Prophet 21 Consulting Services

The implementation is over, and now you are officially on your own.  How is it going so far?  

Is Prophet 21 working for your company, or are your users working for the system?

P21 is a powerful and versatile system, but it is also a complex system.  The opportunities to customize and streamline the system to your business are many, but do you have time to realize the full benefit of the system?

We Know Distribution...and Prophet 21

Distribution is a business of inches.  There is little room for error.

Your margins depend on your ability to be timely and efficient, and you customers are not going to wait around for your to figure it out.

It's not about the technology, it's about the business.  Your growth, cash flow, and inventory should be your focus, not your computer system.

Prophet 21 is a tool, and like any tool, it should be making the work easier.  If it isn't, something is wrong.

Prophet 21 Problems We Fix

  1. User support related issues are not being handled timely. 
  2. There are a lot of little things that would make the P21 software so much easier to use, but you do not have the time or expertise to get them implemented.
  3. Users are frustrated with system operation and performance.
  4. The P21 projects that get approved are slow to get implemented, or keep getting pushed off due to "other priorities".

Make your Prophet 21 System the Best it Can Be

Atlas Precision Consulting can work with your team to develop real solutions to your P21 issues.  We aim to bring value to your business, and support your ability to grow.

We bring focused technology consulting, backed up by C-level executive experience.  

We work behind the scenes, often when everyone is out of the system, to get your changes implemented and help you start getting the most from the system.  Think of Atlas Precision as your Tier 2 and above support staff.  

Get Prophet 21 Help Today!
Contact us to get started improving P21 for your business. We are happy to discuss your company's specific needs and get the system working for you!

More About Prophet 21 ERP Consulting

What are Some Common Problems with Prophet 21 ERP?

Prophet 21 is a large, complex software system.  Any system with that level of complexity is going to experience issues.  It is unavoidable.  In my experience, anyone who advertises that their system is flawless, is probably not being completely honest.  ERP systems are designed to appeal to as many customers as possible.  This means each company adopting a new system will experience a certain number of challenges unique to their […]

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Where Can I Learn More About Prophet 21?

There are places you can go to learn more about Prophet 21.  Listed below are some of our recommended resources for more information: Freeing ERP : This blog is operated by Atlas Precision Consulting.  We regularly post articles that help P21 users and system administrators get more from the system. Epicor : Developers of the Prophet 21 ERP system. P21WWUG:  This is the world wide users group for Prophet 21. […]

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How Much Does Prophet 21 Consulting Cost?

The team at Atlas Precision loves to help clients get the most out of their Prophet 21 System.  We know that ERP is a big investment, and our job is to help you get more return on the capital you have put into Prophet 21.  Customers are often concerned about how much consulting services cost, and we want you to exactly what to expect if you choose us as a […]

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How do Consultants Meet Client Objectives?

Hiring a consultant can be very beneficial for a company.  In many cases, a consultant can bring a fresh perspective to the company’s problems.  Additionally, consultants should come into a client’s organization without prejudice or predispositions.  This can help combat hive mind and embedded internal politics about a given issue in the company. Even with the best of intentions, though, it is very possible that a consultant engagement can go […]

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Will You Sign a Confidentiality Agreement?

Client confidentiality is a major concern for us.  We understand and respect a client’s right to privacy and confidentiality.  Our standard engagement agreement includes language that assures client confidentiality. You can view a sample agreement here.  For your convenience, you will find the sections dealing with confidentiality and conflicts of interest below. Confidentiality Language in APC Engagement Agreement Except as required in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement […]

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Do You Require a Contract or Engagement Agreement?

Though I am not a fan of lengthy contracts and legalese, I do think it is important to set expectations correctly from the outset.  For that reason, we do use a relatively simple four page engagement agreement when we work with clients. Our engagement agreement is meant to primarily do two things: Clearly define what we are responsible for delivering and when.  It also clearly lays out what the client […]

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How Do You Track Time on a Consulting Project?

Billable hours are not just a matter of revenue to me.  They are a matter of ethics.   There are too many horror stories out there of professionals over-billing clients for their services and padding their pockets with extra cash.  Often times, people are very attuned to this possibility in the legal community.  According to an article on “two-thirds of lawyers admit that “bill padding” occurs at their firms, one-third […]

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Do You Help Consulting Clients Become Self-Reliant?

Yes and Yes. I do not advocate for, nor seek protracted client engagements.  I believe strongly in the idea that a good consultant hits the ground running early.  That momentum has to be coupled with a plan to work yourself out of a job quickly.   That doesn’t mean that I only work for a client one time for a short while and then move on.  I love the opportunity […]

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